“Having a home inspected is a pivotal step in the purchase process, yet many buyers don’t give it the merit it deserves. Home buyers should choose a home inspector with as much care as they choose a doctor, particularly since there is no regulation, either federal or provincial, which governs the industry. Contrary to popular belief, home inspectors are not members of a professional order, and anyone (even you!) can call themselves a building inspector.”

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  • Residential and apartment Inspections

  • Prepurchase inspections of new and resale buildings

  • Non-destructive investigation of building problems

  • Post-construction building problem analysis

  • Pre-“Warranty Expiry” inspection

  • Moisture problem analysis


  • Damage evaluations and costing

  • Condition surveys

  • Technical audits

  • Quantity surveys

Project Management

  • Drafting and artistic renderings

  • Consulting

  • Costing and Estimating

  • Quality control during construction

  • Photography during construction

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