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Allan White has a  Bachelor of Engineering degree (major in structures) and worked for more than 6 years as a project manager in the construction industry, bringing his expertise to the home inspection industry in 1992. He has become a key figure in Montreal since then, and has been giving advice live on a weekly basis for many years on some of Montreal’s top radio stations (CJAD with Tommy Schnurmacher, AM600 with Chuck Philips). He has appeared live on CFCF 12 TV with Leslie Roberts, HGTV, in print in the Montreal Gazette and The Suburban, and has been an information source for Global TV in Montreal and You have also heard his voice on Montreal’s Q92 and Team 990. Allan has been instrumental in informing the public at large about the lack of regulation in the home inspection industry, and the seldom publicized conflicts of interest which often exist between home inspectors, contractors, and realtors.


Allan Says:

 “Having a home inspected is a pivotal step in the purchase process, yet many buyers don’t give it the merit it deserves. Home buyers should choose a home inspector with as much care as they choose a doctor, particularly since there is no regulation, either federal or provincial, which governs the industry. Contrary to popular belief, home inspectors are not members of a professional order, and anyone (even you!) can call themselves a building inspector.”


Did you know that Allan White of INSPECTO-PRO is one of the only inspectors to be listed in the print version of Sandra Philip’s “Smart Shopping Montreal”?  (


Did you know that Allan White of INSPECTO-PRO Inc. is the only Building Inspection Service which is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Quebec (


Allan is also a charter member of the Quebec branch of the Independent Home Inspector’s Association of North America (


Allan operates independently of contractors and real estate agents, so there is no potential for conflict of interest. His job is to provide a thorough and accurate assessment of the condition of the home you intend to purchase or sell. He is always objective and fair, but his job is not to “smooth through a sale”.  A home inspection seldom results only in good news because homes are imperfect; they are not mass-produced to the same exacting tolerances as, say,  an automobile.  The more the buyer knows, the better prepared he or she is to make an informed decision.

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Committed to Excellence

Since its inception in 1990, Inspecto-Pro has earned its reputation as the leader in home inspection service in and around the Greater Montreal Area, West Island, Vaudreuil-Dorion, St. Lazare, Hudson, Rigaud, Laval, South Shore, Laurentiens and cottage country. We pride ourselves on our diligence, conscientiousness, objectivity, honesty, integrity and thoroughness.

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